Belgica Suarez


I was born in El Guante Cedros F.M. Honduras on February 17, 1986, I lived my whole childhood there, which was full of adventure, love and family togetherness. 

When I was 16 years old, I started my university career obtaining a degree in Forensic Medicine. I am currently an intern in the career of fashion design.

I had the opportunity to work for an organization about the rescue of children at social risk, one of my most educational experiences about life and the best way to understand that education and love is one of the powers to take our children forward and with them our countries.

Life and it's amazing surprises...

In 2008 I got the title of Miss United Continents and Travel to Ecuador, 2009 I was crowned as Miss Honduras Universe and participated in the Miss Universe competition in The Bahamas USA, which changed the course of my life from being in Hospitals and Morgues to catwalks and travel around the world. 

Since 2009 I have been blessed to work in advertising campaigns and catwalks in the USA, Europe, Russia, Latin America.

I am a wife and full mother full of dreams and goals. Owner and creator of the brand CALALA where we specifically design garments for women today. My brand was presented at fashion week in Nicaragua, New York, Miami and Bolivia.

I have as purpose with my fashion project to be able to make a totality with organic materials to not only motivate new talents to follow their dreams but also to make aware that above all the most important thing is to take care of our beautiful world since it is the only and real inheritance that we leave to our descendants.

I am currently a volunteer in hospitals, asylums, serving is my greatest satisfaction.

I am a very happy, positive, sensitive person, I love life, fashion, traveling, sharing cultures, traditions, gastronomy.

I keep working so that my brand grows and becomes 100% organic, create workshops in the town that I was born and gave so many values, principles and above all love and thus contribute to the growth and opportunities in it, in the future to be able to create my own foundation.

The day I understood that the only thing I'm going to take is what I live, I started living what I want to take.

                                                                                                                     Belgica Suarez.

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